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Jefferson Proving Ground - Installation Support Management Agency
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A Finding of Suitability to Transfer (FOST) is used where property is transferred. Typically, the property is uncontaminated or all cleanup has been achieved. An early transfer can be accomplished if the property is not cleaned up and is referred to as a "covenant authority". When the covenant authority is used, some restrictions will apply as to how the new owner can use the property.

Completed FOSTs are given below.

Pump Station
The 1.19 acre parcel is located south of the JPG property and includes a pump station building and two well houses enclosed by a chain link fence. The property was transferred to the City of Madison on August 26, 1997. The FOST was signed February 22, 1996.

Building 216 and Railroad Trackage
This FOST, signed April 1, 1996, includes a 10,065-square foot building and adjacent parking lot. The transfer to the Madison Port Authority was completed November 18, 1996.

Central Cantonment Area
This FOST, signed in May 19, 1999, encompasses approximately 1,200 acres and 90 buildings. The final deed title transfer documents were signed by Mr. Ford, the recipient of the property, in March 2001. Property transfer was complete in June 2001.

Defense Reutilization and Marketing Office (DRMO)
A 5.7 acre site, including one building, is being transferred to DRMO. The FOST was issued on May 18, 2000 and approved by the Army in August 2000. The FOST is expected to be finalized in August/September 2001.

Krueger Lake Park
The FOST for this 230 acre parcel, to be used for public and recreational purposes, was signed November 5, 1996. The parcel was transferred to Jefferson County in 1998. The parcel includes Krueger Lake, picnic facilities, and a playground area. The property was transferred to the Department of Interior, National Park Service in December 1997 for conveyance to the Jefferson County Board of Commissioners.

Papermill and Woodfill Road Parcel
This 36 acre parcel, which includes 7 buildings, has been transferred to Ford Lumber and Building Supply Company. The FOST was signed June 13, 1997. The property was transferred on December 22, 1997.

Airfield Area
The 760 acre airfield area includes 21 buildings. The FOST, available for the Airfield parcel in September, 2001 is being proposed as clean enough to support residential reuse.

Photo of the JPG pump station

Photo of building 216

Photo of a Madison railroad car

Photo of railroad trackage

Photo of Krueger Lake Park

Photo of Papermill and Woodfill Road parcel